Privacy Policy for Junk Cars For Cash Idaho

Why We Collect Personal Information:

If you make an inquiry about our services, or request our services, we need to know things like your name, current address, phone number, and vehicle information so we can serve you efficiently. Other details we request, like your e-mail and social media IDs, help us keep in touch with you and ensure you're happy with the service you received.

We also collect IP addresses and wide spectrum data, like cookies. Such data helps maintain the smooth running of our site. This way, we can ensure your account functions properly and give you the best technical support. We do this to achieve an enjoyable browsing experience for our users.

We Promise to Keep Your Data Secure

Junk Cars For Cash Idaho takes every reasonable means to keep your information safe. We store data on a secure server, which can only be accessed by our authorized employees.

We never share information unless you say it's okay. And if you do give permission, we don't share it with any old third party, either—we only share data with associated companies accepted by you. This lets you hear about our new services, or their new services.

You Can Always Opt Out

When it comes to your data, you'll always have the option to not share your information. If you do say yes, but change your mind later, you can always unsubscribe from receiving our newsletters.

WE Don't Control the Sites We Link to

Our website contains links to third party websites. Oftentimes, these are our associates. However, we can only be responsible for our site's policies. We don't control what data they collect or how they keep it secure. Be sure to read their policies before submitting information to them.

This Policy Will Probably Be Updated

From time to time we make updates our Privacy Policy. Junk Cars For Cash Idaho reserves the right to do so without notifying you, although we may post it on our home page. If you'd like to stay up to date with our policies, please check the site regularly.

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